About Us!



The Admins-

Harrison_XD - Server Owner.

Klassic_XD - Server Co-owner.
38749586 - Admin.

WiseCentaur9 - Admin.

Natheano1 - Admin.
Bizzle0408 - Admin.




We currently have 4 clans available to be joined


Water Clan
Currently has 46 memebers.


Desert Clan

Currently has 18 memebers.


Snow Clan

Currently has 38 memebers.


Forest Clan 

Currently has 28 memebers.

With over 150 people have logged into the sever! 


Plugins we have so far..

WorldGuard         AntiCreeper
WorldEdit            AntiTnt
IConomy             Essentials
MyHome             Factions
LWC                    BigBrother

there may be more to come..